AGM 2021: Renaissance Health

Notice is hereby given in terms of the provision of Rule 28.1 that the Annual General Meeting and Trustee Elections of Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund will be convened on the 25th of June 2021, at 09:00 via live streaming.


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Home or Away Medical Aid

While At Home
Or Away

You can manage your claims, benefits and
queries through your cellphone,
or register on-line on our
portal. Or, at the push of
a button, you can pin point your
location in case of
a medical emergency ….

Chronic Medication Medical Aid

My Chronic Medication

Increase the medication limits for your your life-threatening chronic condition when you run
out of benefits at no extra
cost, by simply applying for
your benefit extender…

Day-to-Day Medical Aid

My Day-To-Day Benefits

Add any day-to-day benefits from optical
to dentistry or consultation,
when you or your family
deplete a benefit
during the year …

Medical Benefits

My Unused
Medical Benefits

If you are a low claimer, then we will take
your unused benefits and
carry them forward to the next
benefit year, meaning you do
not lose what you do
not use…

Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund is an established and trusted medical aid scheme in Namibia. Founded over 25 years ago, the fund has offered quality and innovative services in medical aid, to suit the health care needs of all Namibians in all corners of Namibia. Whether you need a comprehensive option of day-to-day benefits and in-hospital treatment, or whether you just want to be sure that you will be cared for in a private hospital if needed, the RMA medical aid benefit options offer a wide range to suit your health care requirements as well as your budget. RMA is a fund that focuses on member-centricity, because our members are our top priority, and we value excellent standards in customer service and medical aid products. RMA strives to be an accessible, obtainable and approachable medical aid, and the first choice for every Namibian when it comes to health care. RMA offers unique features to its product offering, such as the Benefit Wallet and the Benefit Builder, to enhance your benefits and ensure that you get the most out of your medical aid.

The fund aims to build strong and lasting relationships within the healthcare industry in Namibia, with medical service providers, members, and non-members alike, to promote wellness and health. RMA is a well-governed scheme, with a skilled Board of Trustees, and is therefore a stable fund and a reliable financial services provider. We care about you and your well-being, and that is why our slogan is “Your Health Comes First”.