Medical Aid Benefit Walletstep-1

The RMA Benefit Wallet is a wallet for your accumulated unused benefits, if you have claimed less than your allocated threshold for the benefit year. The allocated threshold is an amount limit of your benefits, and should you claim less than that amount before the end of the year, the remaining amount will be transferred to your Benefit Wallet. The transfer will take 4 months after the end of the benefit year, to account for potential outstanding claims from the previous year.

Your Benefit Wallet can also increase if you actively participate in wellness days to earn rewards, and 80% of your remaining Benefit Builder benefits will roll-over into the Wallet (again, after 4 months to account for outstanding claims from the previous benefit year).

You can use your Benefit Wallet to cover medical and health related expenses that normally would not be covered by your medical aid benefits. For example, you can purchase your nutritional supplements from a pharmacy, as long as it is registered with the HPCNA (Health Professionals’ Council of Namibia), and claim the cost back to be covered from your Benefit Wallet!