Frequently Asked Questions

The oldest member of your family will be classified as the principal member. Principal members must join before the age of 55. This Rule is subject to the discretion and approval of the Board of Trustees.

You may have child dependants up to the age of 21, after which they will become principal members themselves. If they are studying full time or part time at a recognised tertiary institution, they may continue to be your dependent up to the age of 25, but you will have to provide proof of studies.

Dependants (spouse and children) who are registered with the Fund at the time of the principal member’s death can stay on as members, and should inform us in writing within 30 days of the principal member’s death.

Funds that are not used by you or other members of Renaissance Health, are reinvested to provide healthcare cover for the future. Healthy, young and low claiming members cross-subsidise the medical expenses of older, sick and high claiming members. Unused benefits are not rolled over to the following benefit year.

In this case, you have the option to extend your day-to-day benefits with Benefit Builders. If your product does not qualify for Benefit Builders you will have to pay medical expenses from your own pocket. We encourage you to keep track of benefits online, and with your statements, so that you always have benefits available.

You can change your product once a year, effective 1 January. For this reason it is important to choose the correct product to cover you and your family’s health care needs for the following year. For advice on choosing the correct product option.

Your benefits can be used by yourself and any dependants you registered with Renaissance Health. You cannot transfer benefits between beneficiaries on the Fund.

When you contact Renaissance Health, you will be given a CRM number, which is used to track our services. Keep this CRM number as a reference when you call, email or visit. It will save you time when contacting Renaissance Health.

As part of your complimentary benefits, you are entitled to register for our chronic/disease management programme. Contact us to get an application form. We will request a treatment plan from your doctor to accompany your application on specified conditions. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation letter containing a list of preferred medication for your condition. Using preferred medication will lower your co-payments. Please notify us if there are any changes to the prescribed medication for your condition.

If a doctor or specialist refers you or a dependant for hospitalisation, please call us 48 hours before you are admitted to confirm your benefits for admission. Emergency admissions may be authorised within 48 hours or on the first business day following the admission. You will be provided with an authorisation number to approve admission and services.

If you or a dependant have a medical emergency immediately call E-Med Rescue 24 on 081 924 (inside Namibia) or +264 61 2999 924 (outside Namibia) for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate hospital.

You may claim for treatment in South Africa. Renaissance Health has agreements with some South African Healthcare Providers. If the Healthcare Provider does not accept Renaissance Health, the amount is payable by you to be claimed back. Ask the Healthcare Provider to call + 264 61 2999 736 for assistance.

If you are referred for treatment that is not available in your town of residence, in or outside of Namibia, we offer financial assistance for travel expenses. Please obtain pre-authorisation and see pages 6-19 for product specific cover.

The Fund also covers emergency evacuation, repatriation, medical treatment and return of mortal remains (SADC) as part of your Complementary Benefits.

We provide cover up to N$ 10 million for medical emergencies when you travel internationally for a maximum period of 3 months. For cover please register with us before your trip. You will need to supply the following for registration:

  • Your trip schedule (dates & locations)
  • Confirm if any of your family members will accompany you
  • Copies of passports

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