Frequently Asked Questions
Joining the Fund

Get in touch with Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund. You will be provided with a membership application form to complete and return for assessment. When your application is approved, you will be informed accordingly. Please note that we may ask for a full medical examination. It is important to declare any existing conditions on your membership application. If you don’t, it may be considered as false information and your membership may be terminated.

The Fund’s benefit year is from 1 January to 31 December. Any member who joins during the benefit year will receive proportionate (prorated) benefits. That means that your annual benefit limits will be calculated according to the number of months left in the benefit year.

We provide cover for a range of conditions. Exclusions are applicable on medical conditions which a Medical Aid Fund is legally permitted to exclude from its cover. Please ensure that you declare your complete medical history when applying for membership as pre-existing conditions could be excluded from your cover, so you may have to pay for these costs from your own pocket. You will receive written notification on any exclusions when you join.

In terms of the Medical Aid Fund Act no person shall be admitted as a member of more than one registered fund, being either as the principal member or as a dependent.

Pregnancy is excluded for 12 months if you are not a continuation member and join as an individual/private member.

Renaissance Health does not discriminate against people with HIV/AIDS. You, and any dependants with HIV/AIDS, can join the Renaissance Health ‘Health is Vital’ programme for HIV management, and benefit from medical treatment and medication.

Your benefits are determined by the product option you select. The maximum amount of benefits depends on the product’s overall annual limit. You will find detailed product descriptions on pages 6-19.

Complimentary Benefits provide additional cover for a range of medical services. We pay claims for Complimentary Benefits to make your day-to-day benefits last longer. These include health screenings, disease management programmes, travel assistance, contribution protection and more.

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