Prestige Care Medical Aid Package

OAL Unlimited | From N$3665/Month

With an unlimited hospital benefit, Prestige Care is the top of the medical aid ladder. As the most comprehensive medical aid package in the market, Prestige care offers the ultimate peace of mind for your health.

Hospital Benefit

Doctor Service
N$ 36, 800 per year

Optical Benefit
N$ 13, 300 per year

Dental Benefit
N$ 37, 700 per year

9 members or less
For groups with 10 - 49 Principal Members
For groups with 50 - 249 Principal Members
For groups with 250 and more Principal Members
Principal MemberAdult DependantChild DependantPrincipal MemberAdult DependantChild DependantPrincipal MemberAdult DependantChild DependantPrincipal MemberAdult DependantChild Dependant
0 - 253,6652,5701,7653,150 2,2451,5252,9652,0851,4052,7951,9851,345
26 - 304,2802,9851,7653,7002,5651,5253,4652,4101,4053,2702,2751,345
31 - 354,6153,2001,7654,0202,7601,5253,7402,5801,4053,5252,4351,345
36 - 405,2053,8551,7654,5103,3501,5254,1853,1201,4053,9602,9451,345
41 - 455,7354,2951,7654,9703,7451,5254,6403,4901,4054,3853,2901,345
46 - 506,2454,9001,7655,4104,2601,5255,040 3,9601,4054,7903,7701,345
51 - 556,8305,2551,7655,9004,5501,525 5,5104,2451,4055,2154,0301,345
56 - 607,4455,8451,7656,4755,0601,5256,0404,7451,4055,7004,4951,345
61 - 658,1506,2801,7657,0655,4401,5256,5855,0801,4056,2254,7951,345
HOSPITAL BENEFIT GROUP (Subject to clinical risk management protocols)Unlimited
Private hospital (Including medicines, materials, hospital apparatus and seven days Take-Out Medication)100%Unlimited
Accommodation in private wards100%N$ 45, 500 per family N$ 22, 300 per beneficiary
State hospitals (Including medicines, materials, hospital apparatus & seven days, Take-Out Medication)100%Unlimited
Sub-acute facility ward fees. (Admission in lieu of hospitalisation).100%
Consultations including treatment and services.225%
Blood transfusion100%
Radiology and Pathology100%
Post Operative Extended Benefit (Following major surgery). Part of pre-authorisation and clinical protocols100%Following surgery limited to 6 weeks treatment or 12 sessions
Doctors’ rooms - Selective surgical and endoscopic procedures, circumcisions. Inclusive benefit - Admissions, surgery, treatment and services. Part of pre-authorisation and clinical protocols225%Unlimited
Admission to unattached operating theatres and sub-acute facilities100%
Selective surgical and endoscopic procedures, circumcisions - unattached operating theatres, doctors’ rooms and subacute facilities. Including surgery, treatment and services. Part of pre-authorisation and clinical protocols.225%
MRI / CT / PET SCAN / BONE DENSITY (In- and Out-of-Hospital)N$ 65, 600 per family
N$ 32, 900 per beneficiary
In- and Out-of-Hospital Benefit. Part of pre-authorisation and clinical protocols. 100% Part of the sub-limit
MAXILLOFACIAL AND DENTAL SURGERY (In- and Out-of-Hospital)N$ 150, 000 per family
N$ 100, 000 per beneficiary
Non-elective maxillofacial / oral surgery - Trauma, including dental extractions of more than three teeth or multiple fillings in children under the age of ten and disabled dependants / removal of impacted wisdom teeth. (All-inclusive benefit - surgery, treatment and services). Part of clinical protocols.225%Part of the sub-limit
DENTAL AND ORAL SURGERYN$ 25, 300 per family
N$ 16, 800 per beneficiary
Admission100%Part of the sub-limit
Elective dental and oral surgery, including dental implant surgery, excluding the cost of the dental implant. (All-inclusive benefit - surgery, treatment and services). Part of clinical protocols and applicable Medical Aid Fund Rules.225%
EYE SURGERYPart of the Overall Annual Limit
Including cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, eye muscle surgery, corneal surgery, eye removal, vitreo-retinal surgery, etc. (Allinclusive benefit - admission, surgery, treatment and services). Part of clinical protocols and twelve month waiting period.225%
Excimer laser and radial keratotomy only after two years membership. (All-inclusive benefit - admissions, surgery, treatment and services). Part of clinical protocols. N$ 37, 500 per family
N$ 25, 000 per beneficiary
RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY N$ 29, 100 per family
N$ 19, 400 per beneficiary
Admission100%Part of the sub-limit
Reconstructive Surgery - After two years membership, including breast reductions. (All-inclusive benefit - admissions, surgery, treatment and services). Part of clinical protocols225%
ALTERNATIVE SERVICES N$ 50, 600 per family
N$ 35, 000 per beneficiary
In- and Out-of-Hospital Benefit including occupational therapy, private nursing, palliative care (end stage terminal diseases) and frail care100%Part of the sub-limit
MENTAL HEALTH21 days per beneficiary
In- and Out-of-Hospital treatment and services, including psychiatric hospital accommodation, treatment and services, alcohol & drug addiction, addiction therapy and related pathology. (Part of treatment plan protocols). Excluding auxiliary services, which is part of the day to day benefit limits.100% 21 days per beneficiary
nternal prosthesis - example: knee / hip / pacemakers. Part of pre-authorisation and clinical risk management protocols100%Subject to RHMAF protocol
TRAUMA TREATMENTPart of the Overall Annual Limit
Oncology (Including chemo and radiation treatment), organ transplant, acute renal and peritoneal dialysis (In hospital).225%Unlimited
Oncology (Including chemo and radiation treatment), organ transplant, acute renal and peritoneal dialysis (Out of hospital).180%
Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)225%
HEALTH IS VITALPart of the Overall Annual Limit
Hospital and treatment.100%Unlimited
HIV / AIDS visits.100%N$ 3, 500 per family
HIV / AIDS pathology100%N$ 12, 700 per family
HIV / AIDS medication.100% NRPN$ 41, 600 per family
HIV counselling100%N$ 4, 900 per family
PROFESSIONAL SERVICESN$ 36, 800 per family
N$ 18, 300 per beneficiary
General Practitioner, specialist consultations and primary healthcare consultations.100% Part of Professional Service limit
General Practitioner and specialist administration fee for chronic patient applications and medical reportsAgreed Tariff
Pharmacist and telephone consultations100%
General Practitioner / primary and specialist procedures in rooms including equipment, materials and injections.100%
Psychiatric treatment.100%
PARAMEDICAL SERVICES N$ 19, 600 per family
N$ 9, 800 per beneficiary
Including physiotherapy, social workers, speech therapy, audiology, acousticians, dieticians, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, biokinetics, homeo / chiro / osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture, etc100%Part of the sub-limit
Auxiliary services - Biokinetics, homeo / chiro / osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture, etc.100%
N$ 43, 800 per beneficiary
Prosthesis external - Artificial arms / legs / eyes every two years. Part of pre-authorisation and approval.100% of cost Part of the sub-limit
Special external medical appliances - Wheelchairs every three years; hearing aids apparatus every two years. Part of pre-authorisation and approval.90% of cost
General external medical appliances - Including glucometers, blood pressure monitors, stockings, braces etc. Part of pre-authorisation and approval. 80% of cost
OPTICAL BENEFIT N$ 13, 300 per family
N$ 5, 800 per beneficiary
Eye tests.100%Part of the sub-limit
Lenses / contact lenses100%
Frames, once every two years100%N$ 2, 300 per beneficiary
DENTISTRY BENEFITN$ 37, 700 per family
N$ 17, 900 per beneficiary
Conservative dentistry - Fillings, extractions and oral hygiene100%Part of the sub-limit
Special dentistry - Dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontic treatments. Part of preauthorisation and approved treatment plan. 100%
MEDICATION BENEFITN$ 53, 600 per family
N$ 23, 900 per beneficiary
Acute medication - Preferred and non-preferred.80% NRPN$ 20, 700 per family
N$ 8, 300 per beneficiary
Pharmacy initiated therapy and OTC medication. Maximum of N$ 200 per script.80% NRPN$ 1, 800 per beneficiary
Homeopathic medication.80% NRPPart of Acute Medication sub-limit
Primary health scripts80% NRP
Chronic medication - Preferred and non-preferred. Preferred 90% Non-preferred 80%N$ 32, 900 per family N$ 15, 600 per beneficiary
In- and Out-of-Hospital: Extended Medication Benefit cover for oncology, renal care and organ transplant (excluding chemo and radiation therapy and treatment). Part of registration and treatment plan protocols. Chronic medication related to severe illness conditions may be extended to this benefit, where Medication Benefit has been depleted. Part of registration and treatment plan protocols.Part of the sub-limit
Preferred medication90% NRP
Non preferred medication80% NRP
Specialised medicines such as biologicals (In terms of defined conditions and part of managed care protocols - excluding off-label medication. In- and Out-of-Hospital).80% NRP
Gynaecology / obstetric - In hospital. 225%Normal birth / Caesarean Section
Gynaecology / obstetric - Out of hospital.100%Unlimited
Maternity scans.100%2 scans per beneficiary
Antenatal visits.100%12 visits per beneficiary
Amniocentesis - AHB excluded.100%Unlimited
Neonatal ICU / ward fees.100%
Paediatrician visits - Postnatal.100%2 visits per family, per annum
WELLNESS MANAGEMENTN$ 10, 000 per family
PREVENTATIVE HEALTH BENEFIT (Members may earn benefit rewards for participation)Part of Wellness Management
Blood sugar test, cholesterol test, BMI and blood pressure measurement100%1 per beneficiary, per annum
Dental examinations. 100%
Mammogram (inclusive DEXA bone density scan) - Radiology.100%1 per female, over 40 years, per annum
Pap smear. Pathology including general practitioner / gynaecology visits. 100%1 per female, over 20 years, per annum
HIV test all ages100%1 per beneficiary
Prostate screening. Pathology prostate specific antigen test100%1 screen per male beneficiary over the age of 50 years, per annum
Chronic disease wellness management - Follow-up test in the management of selective chronic diseases including: chronic renal failure, diabetes mellitus type 1 & 2, HIV / Aids, hyperlipidemia and multiple sclerosis (MS) - Excluding specialised radiology, which will be payable from the available MRI / CT Benefit100%Part of Wellness Management sub-limit. In accordance with an approved clinical treatment plan, for routine follow-up tests when required.
Blood sugar test, cholesterol test, BMI and blood pressure measurement.100
Dental examinations100
Mammogram (inclusive DEXA bone density scan) - Radiology150
Pap smear. Pathology including general practitioner / gynaecology visits. 100
HIV test, all ages.100
Prostate screening. Pathology prostate specific antigen test.150
Chronic medication compliance150
IMMUNISATION (Vaccines only)Part of Wellness Management
Flu vaccines100% NRP1 flu vaccination per beneficiary, per annum
Pneumococcal vaccine100% NRP 1 per beneficiary, over 65 years, per annum
Baby immunisations 0 - 7 years.100% NRP Vaccinations for children 0 - 7 years
HPV vaccine - Females between 9 - 30 years100% NRP 3 injections during the course of a year, once per lifetime
Orthopaedic rehabilitation and treatment relating to Chronic disease management - Part of approved treatment plans, pre-authorisation and clinical risk management. (Note - Biokinetic treatment plans for orthopaedic rehabilitation and chronic members disease management - may first be approved and payable from the normal day to day Paramedical Services Benefit - additional required treatment sessions may be considered for approval from the Preventative Rehabilitation Treatment Benefit - subject to available treatment sessions).100% 6 weeks treatment or 12 sessions
Covers monthly Medical Aid Fund contributions on the life of the Principal Member. 100%3 months
Transport cost when referred for specialist services not available in the area of residence.100% of costN$ 5, 700 per family
BENEFIT REWARDS Low claiming threshold levels
  1. Each dependant is allocated with a threshold value per annum. Should you claim less than your threshold value as at 31 December of each year, the remaining balance of your threshold may be transferred to your Benefit Wallet. (The balance is transferred after 4 months to allow for the run off of medical claims incurred in the previous year).
  2. Members participating in wellness day initiatives and preventative testing may earn additional Benefit Wallet rewards, this includes early registration on the maternity program and additional rewards for normal deliveries.
  3. 80% of unused benefits in the Benefit Builder may be transferred annually to the Benefit Wallet (The balance is transferred after 4 months to allow for the run off of medical claims incurred in the previous year).
Principal Member N$ 5, 600
Adult Dependant N$ 4, 200
Child Dependant N$ 1, 900
Accumulated Benefit Wallet benefits may be used for purchasing of medical treatment and services in terms of the Medical Aid Funds Act, provided that the member pays first and claims back from the Benefit Wallet within the 4 month claiming period. Allow Provider payments for excess of Benefit and tariff rejections.100% of costSubject to availability of Benefit Wallet benefits, medical treatment and services obtained from a registered medical facility
A member who is 65 or older and has been with the Fund for more than 20 years may qualify for Group Rate 1 contributionProvided the member is not already on a Group Rate status
INTERNATIONAL RESCUE ME & ASSISTANCE (In addition to the Overall Annual Limit)N$ 10, 000, 000 per family
Emergency evacuation and ambulance services (air or road).100%Terms and conditions
Repatriation (SADC) - Return after emergency or return of mortal remains.100%Related to emergency evacuation
Medical treatment100%Terms and conditions
Evacuation, repatriation, return of children.100%Terms and conditions

Prestige is the ultimate medical aid package. It is the scheme’s most comprehensive production option, and is a leading product on the market in Namibia. With Prestige, your health care is top priority because it has all the benefits you would need to cover any health cost. If you choose Prestige Care, you can rest assured that your health costs will be covered, with unlimited hospital benefits, and far-reaching day-to-day benefits. The day-to-day benefits include doctors visits, dental, and oral, and are ample to ensure that you and your family are covered for the benefit year. However, if you do want to or need to take out extra benefits to cover a particular health cost, the RMA Benefit Builder is available to you, which is a unique and innovative medical aid feature in Namibia. The Prestige package ensures that you will be prepared in the case of any medical emergency, as well as for daily essential, non-emergency medical costs. 

With the Benefit Builder, you can take out additional benefits at various price options according to your health care requirements, therefore customising your policy to suit the specific medical aid requirements for you and your family. As a medical aid scheme, we know that not all healthcare needs are the same, that is why you will be able to tailor your plan to cover your costs, so that the Prestige option is customised to become your desired medical aid package. You can contact one of our sales representatives at any RMA branch, or the RMA administrator company Prosperity Health, throughout Namibia for a quote, and we will assist you with ensuring your health care is covered.