Medical Aid Products

More Information About Our Medical Aid Products

RMA’s medical aid products are innovative and comprehensive, and among the best in Namibia. The scheme offers 6 different products of various prices and benefits, to suit a variety of health needs and budgets.

Each product option has private hospital cover, as well as day-to-day benefits for your everyday healthcare costs. Whether you are a company CEO, or whether you are starting out your career, RMA has a policy that will be ideal for you and your health needs. Not only are the fund’s products top of the range, but its services are also of a high standard. The RMA fund is governed by a skilled Board of Trustees, as well as expertly administered by a proudly-Namibian company, to ensure that your medical aid experience is entirely positive and professional. You can contact any of the RMA branches throughout Namibia to speak to a representative, to help you choose the perfect medical aid package for you and your family. We will provide you with a quote, before assisting you with the application process.

The products have been named to represent various life stages, because these respective options are there to complement your life and where you are in your career and your path. The scheme’s range of day-to-day benefits and hospital benefits are effectively designed to give you the most out of your premium.

Premiere is an option for the life-starter. It is a medical aid plan that is ideal for the young and healthy individual, who is making his or her premiere on life stage.

Evolve is an option for the individual who is evolving throughout his/her life and career, and who is looking for a comprehensive yet affordable healthcare package.

Esteem is the perfect plan for an established individual, who needs a range of day-to-day benefits, as well as knows to make room for comprehensive hospital cover if needed.

Caliber is a medical aid plan with the ideal benefits to cover you and your family to a great ‘caliber’!

Status medical aid option is an all-round comprehensive package to cover any day-to-day healthcare needs, as well as emergency healthcare circumstances.

Prestige is the ultimate medical aid package. It has all the benefits you would need to cover any health cost.